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This VIP package is the most exclusive way to work with me to become your unapologetic self in your life, business, and heart.

Tell me sister, are you ready to arrive at a place of unwavering confidence in your life and business?
To dig deep as we remove all the layers that have kept us in this safe space of playing small?

To break down the barriers that have kept you from sharing your light with the world as your unapologetic self?


Time for a heart to heart.

Working with a coach who is invested in your success and greatness isn’t for the faint of heart. It means getting intimate about what is and what isn’t working for you and you will most likely be challenged to go deeper than before. But don’t let it scare you, this is going to be the most nourishing experience ever as we prepare you for the life you’ve been dreaming of for way too long. It’s time to make your daydream a reality and show the world who you really are, unapologetically.

My signature framework

The Embodied Profitable Entrepreneur framework helps soulcially driven female entrepreneurs magnetize their dream life and use structures paired with aligned action to create a profitable business with sustainable happiness, freedom, and impact!

Step 1: Magnetize your dream life to bring more happiness!

Step 2: Structure your business for long term growth to bring more freedom!

Step 3: Take aligned action for your profitable business to make more impact!

As a certified life coach trained in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), personal brand strategist, web designer, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur, I bring all of these skills to the table plus my experience abroad and as a Director of a non-profit to help you live unapologetically as you embody your profitable business and live the life you’ve been dreaming of.

More Impact. More. Money. More Travel. More Laughter. More Sex. More Clients. More Time. More Connection.
Working together will bring you the soulful and scientific approach you’ve been craving to create your profitable business.


The juicy details…

4 Months of Private Coaching
12- 60 minute 1:1 sessions with recording
1- 90 minute Champagne Closing Call
Guided meditations, journal prompts, worksheets customized for you
that are sent weekly in our private Google Drive Folder.
Unlimited support in-between our calls via a chat system
Spiritual Toolkit (Valued at $300)

Total investment is $3600


"Kelsey has helped me so much with my business. I couldn't seem to get my website the way I wanted it to be; but her questions and advice helped me to finally find the inspiration, energy and confidence to just create in flow. I love how it turned out! Her energy is contagious and her willingness to help you grow and succeed is serious. She really works from her heart."

Iris Uriot, Relationship Coach

"Working with Kelsey was an absolute pleasure. She wants to understand what motivates you, and how your vision of your company will be reflected to your customers. Kelsey wants to understand your business as if she was the owner. I simply cannot overstate her abilities and the satisfaction from relying on her."

Joe Arrigo, Small Business Consultant

"Kelsey is simply amazing. After a series of extremely effective and enjoyable sessions, I can say that it has resolved a lot of the confidence issues I was having and provided me with new knowledge, clarity and motivation to make major moves in getting my business off the ground. Kelsey provides a special combination of helping you overcome mindset and confidence blocks, while focusing on the exact business strategies that you need.

Kelsey is extremely talented, knowledgeable and professional while at the same time personable, empathetic and calm. I think this is a very special and rare combination of qualities and really what makes her so unique and successful as a coach. I really felt listened to and all of my concerns were addressed and resolved. I came away from each session wishing the time hadn’t gone so fast and full of fresh energy and motivation."

Rachel Sakhi, Life Coach