An honest and real-talk about Turn Your Life On and why you should give more forks about shifting your perspective on life to have MORE.

Published on April 10th, 2019 by Kelsey Eaton

Are you looking to have more?

You know more happiness, more freedom, more love, more sex, more abundance, more laughter, more fun, more orgasms, more double takes, more radiance, more satisfaction, more peace, more bliss. You get the picture, right?

If you said yes to any of the above then welcome to the virtual party where we Turn Your Life On even more.

It’s been a cold and wet winter in the northern hemisphere, and while winter is coming in Game of Thrones it’s spring time in half of the world which means it’s time to burst out of our winter cocoon to show the world what we’re made of.

This is the time for us to ditch the inner dialogue that keeps us from living a life on our terms so we can crack our hearts open to all the love and abundance that’s around us each and every day. It’s now time to turn your life allllll the way on.

One thing I’ve learned from years of trainings and my nose deep in personal development books is that the best thing you can do to have more are small daily action steps.

I believe that life isn’t always about sipping piña coladas on a white sand beach, taking pictures in front of a Lamborghini, or buying designer hand bags and sunglasses. The sweetness of life can be found in the simple moments that bring us together.


In 2013, I lived in a rural farming community in Paraguay making just $200 per month using corn husk as toilet paper, teaching environmental science to then bike over to the mennonite community where people had all their Monsanto money to own whatever they desired. The difference between the two? The people in the rural community were so much happier. They danced, they laughed, and most importantly, they loved hard. They taught me so much about enjoying simple living.

Fast forward to 2015 when I moved to India to run a girls empowerment non-profit where I’d ride a motor cart through the rice paddies to the village, sweat through my sarre on the train ride home in 90°F and 85% humidity to weekends spent with friends dancing all night in five star clubs and racing around in the newest Audis. While both brought so much fun and satisfaction to my life, I saw a big difference in the greater amount of laughter and joy from the people in the village.

The common denominator between what I experienced in Paraguay and India, on top of what so many other travelers have shared with me, is that an appreciation and awareness of small simple moments allow us to turn our lives on for more.

Without further ado, are you ready to expand your perspective on life so you can be even more comfortable in your skin?
Are you down to open yourself up to even more abundance, more pleasure, and more joy?
Are you game to give yourself the extra love and attention that you so rightfully deserve?


Turn Your Life On is designed to transform your inner-dialogue and shift your perspective to love yourself in the day-to-day moments so you can open yourself up to having more. More happiness, more freedom, more love, more abundance, more laughter, more fun, more orgasms, more double takes, more radiance, more satisfaction, more peace, more bliss.

Turn Your Life On is a 21-day program to help you shift and up-level your perspective on life so you can feel more confident, satisfied, and at peace with the wonderful human being that you are. We start Wednesday May 1st. Are you in?

Essentially, this program is like taking yourself on a 15 minute date for the next 21 days.
You can expect it to be playful, fun, and sexy with deep belly laughs and perhaps a few tears.

Each morning you will wake up to a wonderful email with the Turn Your Life On action steps for the day. Each action step is as unique as a cloud, but more or less, follows the following container:


• Motivational message and journal prompt for the day to expand your perspective on life and self-love
• A daily theme song to rock out to in your house, on the subway, in traffic, or wherever
• An action step that must be done at some point during the day to attract more
• Affirmation of the day 

Expect to spend no more than fifteen minutes per day completing all of the action steps. You will get a workbook to track your progress and a private Facebook group with supporting materials and personal support from yours truly. This includes guided meditations, yoga, tapping, dance parties, and guided NLP techniques to reprogram your subconscious.

We want this to be simple, quick, and fun so you can love yourself more and live your life.

By May 21st you will have a stronger sense of worth deep inside your bones without having to meditate all day, journal for hours, and pretend like everything’s rainbows and unicorn farts. This is a practical and fun way to open yourself up to more.

Now as much as I love to be kumbaya, Turn Your Life On is for the masses so I promised myself to try really really hard to not go all woo woo, yoga teacher, hippie dippie on you. Why? Because I believe everybody is worthy of a positive perspective on life and it’s my mission to help people cultivate a deeper sense of self in their mind, body, and soul.

So are you ready? This is immersion baby, we’re gonna get you all up in life, on life, and with life.

Most of my programs are geared towards women, but hot stuff, I want to see every. single. person. absolutely turned on by the life they’re living, so this program is open to anyone who’s interested- basically anyone with a beating heart!


Now you’re probably thinking, “Oh my goodness, this exactly what I wanted/needed and it sounds like so much fun, but how the  H-E- double hockey sticks do you expect me to stick to it for 21 days?”

Sugar pie honey bunch, I’ve got you covered. As a woman who’s invested more than she’ll ever admit into personal development, I know how hard consistency can be and I also know how life changing it can be.

So if you’re looking for a lil’ extra support and motivation to Turn Your Life On, we have an amazing prize giveaway for those who share their progress with us on Instagram. All you have to do is take a picture or video of you doing the daily action step, post it on your Instagram story, and tag @kelseymeaton and #turnyourlifeon for all 21 days to be entered into win the prizes.

It’s easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Some of the prizes include VIP Coaching with Kelsey Eaton, group coaching calls, an essential oil starter kit, a handmade mala bracelet by Kealy McLain, monthly ayurveda bundle with Malia Wright, a month subscription to Joy Arnold’s online yoga studio, Soulcially Driven Swag, (4) $25 amazon gift cards, and SO MUCH MORE!

Hint hint: The more people that sign up = more prizes will be added to the giveaway! So get your friends in on this too!

Now if you’ve made it this far and haven’t signed up yet, first I want to say: “What the heck are you waiting for?” and secondly “You’re probably wondering how this is going to benefit your life, so let me tell ya!”

First off, if you’re someone who likes to waddle around in negative nasty talk and aren’t interested in bringing more love, happiness, and play into your life then this isn’t for you. #thankyounext #nohardfeelings #loveyou

Some of the action steps are a bit eccentric as they have been intentionally created to expand your heart and challenge you to shift your perspective about yourself. Plus, for those who are partaking in the prize giveaway, it does require some vulnerability as we will be sharing our progress with our communities, but I pinky promise nothing will embarrass you. If anything, people will be blown away by your courage and you’ll be even more magnetic for whatever you desire!

Secondly, I want to keep this quick, easy, and simple so each daily action step will take a maximum of fifteen minutes (including the daily theme song). However, I honor all forms of learning and growth so we will have a private Facebook community for those who want to share their progress, meet like-minded people, and check out the additional resources that will become available throughout the 21 days. I’ve got you boo!

P.S. If you’re someone who is hung up on any of the grammatical issues, the structure, or design of this page then you must sign up for Turn Your Life On. When you are truly turned on by your life, this kind of shit doesn’t bother you.

So are you now ready to get lifetime access to Turn Your Life On?

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Kelsey Eaton is a certified life coach, business mentor, and yoga teacher based in California.
She helps people expand their lives to bring them more freedom, happiness, and impact.
She is also the founder of Soulcially Driven, a lifestyle movement that helps people nourish their mind, body, and spirit connection and care for the earth.

To learn more check out her website and follow her on instagram at @kelseymeaton
If you have any questions please reach out to