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Co-Hosted with copy writer, Lauren Vanessa Zink, and Kelsey Eaton.
This four part series teaches you how to sell out your next online program, stand out online, and attract your kindred clients.

The course includes 4- one hour trainings, a Sexy Sales Page Guided Meditation, and a 16 page workbook on creating a Sales Page.

This is perfect for women who want to:

1. Consciously build a brand that can scale to 6, multiple-6 and even 7-figures and create a signature program that sell over and over.
2. Discover how to infuse a little bit of your heart and soul into your sales page, so your audience connects to you before they sign-up.
3. Find your voice and express yourself like an internet famous coach with her own raving fan base, not a corporate robot.
4. Have clients exclaim “Oh my God, I love your photos, your website and your colors and your face!” as they put you on their vision board.

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This is perfect for women who want to:

1. Understand what common blocks keep female entrepreneurs from selling their offers and what you can do to stay high vibe.
2. Learn how a brand dictionary will help you connect with your ideal clients, build connections, and make more sales.
3. Learn the common objections that come up in a sales call and how you can hold a safe container to address these objections.
4. Want to learn how to tap into your dream clients deep desires and build a brand dictionary that magnetizes your clients and makes you bank!


Co-Hosted by mindset and sales coach, Elisa Canali, and Kelsey Eaton. This three part masterclass series teaches you how leverage Social Media, Branding, and Sales to soulfully connect with dream clients.

The course includes 3- one hour trainings on social media, branding, and sales. Plus two bonus trainings on Common Sales Objections and Brand Dictionary.

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"Thank you so much Elisa and Kelsey for offering us so so much gold in the masterclasses! I have been more mindful of my online presence, organic sales relationships and my brand among so many other amazing lessons from you both. So grateful! XO Alex"