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Ignite the fire within to embody the sacred love of your mind, body, and soul so you can live life turned on from the inside out.


You will be guided through an explorative process to learn how you can embody your successful, sensual, and spiritual self using ancient wisdom, neuroscience, yoga and energetic tools.

This training has been intentionally designed for the person who wants to:
- Release the beliefs and old stories that tell you it’s not safe to be successful, sensual, and spiritual all at once
- Be fully present in your life with a positive inner-dialogue that supports who you are
- Feel confident in ability to openly express all sides of who you are; unmoved by the opinions of others
- Stay connected to your inner-being to experience your divine right to be abundant in all ways


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Day 1: Set intentions and release limiting beliefs

What we cover: Assess where you’re at energetically to remove any beliefs that say you can’t be successful, sensual and spiritual all at once. We’ll specifically go back in our timeline to heal any past experiences that told us it’s not safe to be successful, sensual, and spiritual using NLP techniques.
What you get: A customized Emotional Freedom Technique sequence to help you energetically remove anything that keeps you from believing you can be successful, sensual, and spiritual all at once.


Day 2: Successful mindset

What we cover: How to uncover your true definition of success and learn about different mindset techniques to stay motivated by your life vision on a day-to-day basis with a positive inner dialogue.
What you get: A guided meditation to help you visualize exactly what your soul aligned life looks like. This meditation can be used whenever you want to connect to your higher self and visualize your future.


Day 3: Sensual Expression

What we cover: How to connect to your sensual self both physically and non-physically, romantically, and non-romantically and ways we can tune into our body to see when it’s safe to express this side.
What you get: A sensual yoga sequence to activate the light within to loosen up your body to have an even more intimate connection to your sensual side. Plus, tips on how to add some spice to your life.


Day 4: Spiritual Connection

What we cover: How to connect to your spiritual side to feel the abundance inside of you. Learn my favorite Law of Attraction techniques to connect with your light and intuition to bring in abundance.
What you get: My favorite Pranayama (breath-work) and meditation practice to strengthen your connection to your higher self to be able to feel your way through life so you can attract more.


Hey love, I’m Kelsey Eaton, I’m a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Founder of Soulcially Driven.

I’m so excited to share this four day workshop series with you to help you live a life turned on from the inside out.

In 2017, I left my successful job as the Director of a non-profit in India to become a yoga teacher and return to California after four years working and living abroad.

When I returned home and began to launch my businesses, I faced a lot of adversity from people in my life who said this multi-passionate based lifestyle is impossible, all while facing my own insecurities around showing up as my unapologetic self, a spiritual woman who’s sensual, eccentric, and makes her own money.

Through my own personal exploration and coaching, I’ve learned how to create a safe space inside myself to feel super confident to show up fully in all of my wonderful sides without feeling diminished by external circumstances.

As a result, I’ve made it my mission to help people like you connect to their mind, body, and soul to remove whatever grows between them and their light so they can live a life turned on from the inside out because we can have it all and it’s much easier than you think.