Luna Alchemy

Luna Alchemy


As we renew our journey together in celebrating the New Moon, Joy and Kelsey have created the Luna Alchemy Workshop as a way for you to gain a deeper understanding of the moon at large.

Each month, the moon transitions through eight phases, each phase reminds us where we’re at on our spiritual journey and with the intention we set during the new moon. Luna Alchemy is a two hour workshop designed to teach you how to honor your intention according to each phase.

This workshop will include a 60 minute interactive workshop learning about the moon phases, how to use a moon calendar, and common astrological meanings associated with the moon. Followed by thirty minutes of movement and a thirty minute meditation and group sound healing with crystal bowls, tuning forks, and reiki.

Your ticket includes a Lunar Guidebook, all trainings/movement/sound healing, and a Lunar Kit.

The workshop will take place on Saturday August 10th from 3 pm - 5 pm at Joy’s Sacred Space.

This workshop requires a minimum of five participants with a maximum of ten. There are no refunds or credits.

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