Monthly Tarot Reading

Monthly Tarot Reading


Monthly Tarot Reading- Using my channeled spread, the Monthly Tarot Reading will help you prepare for the upcoming month with a deeper understanding of your energy and what to expect. This 12 card spread includes the overall theme from the previous month, lesson learned, what you’re still working through, what to focus on this month, what will help you, what will hinder you, a message from your intuition, body, spirit, and life and what to focus on now.

This reading will be delivered as a video recorded session that will be sent to your email along with a photo of the spread. All recordings will be completed and delivered within 48 hours of purchase (Monday-Thursday)

Past clients have shared that this monthly Tarot spread has helped them close old chapters, understand the life lessons at play, and bring more focus towards their monthly intentions to actually get results. 

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