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Spiritually Minded and Socially Driven

The first step to living a balanced life is tuning into our mind, body, and spirit connection.  We can only nourish the people around us when we first have taken the time to nourish ourselves. The Soulcially Driven woman is fueled by something higher than herself and committed to making a difference in this world.  It is a way of BEing.

She is a woman who not only nourishes her mind, body, and spirit, but is mindful of how she can serve the world.
She supports local businesses, social enterprises, and engages in opportunities that help our sisters and brothers.


Yoga services:


minimum three students, $5 per additional student after three
60 minutes for $85
90 minutes for $110


additional fee applied for two people

60 minutes for $50
90 minutes for $75


Includes yoga, guided meditation, and motivational coaching to start your day with positive energy and love. Available from 6 am - 8 am.
60 minutes for $70
90 minutes for $100


minimum six students, $5 per additional student after six
60 minutes for $160
90 minutes for $210

Please note: Reduced rates are available for packages and first time students.


Each yoga session is customized to fit the clients needs. Kelsey will use her spiritual tools like essential oils, sound healing, tarot, crystals, and chanting to support the client in whichever way they need. Kelsey is also an intuitive coach and teacher so she uses her intuition to help guide the class to best suit your needs.

These sessions are available to people in the Sacramento County area. Online sessions are available via Zoom. Travel options are available for vacations, retreats, and workshops. Please email for a personalized quote.


Soulcially Driven: India 2019

A two week retreat to one of the most sacred lands of the world.
Week 1- Yoga retreat with my Guru in Rishikesh, the heart of yoga
Week 2- Volunteering at a girls school and attending Durga Puja
The proposed dates are September 26th - October 11th.

Includes: Yoga retreat, accommodation, meals Monday-Friday,
local transportation, and in-country flights.