Each and every person has their own sacred energy in their auric field. This energy holds information from our past and influences how we live out our day to day lives. These energy therapy sessions have helped people bring their power back into their core so they can live fulfilling lives.

These sessions are available to people in the Sacramento County area. Please allow 15 minutes for Kelsey to cleanse the area where we will have the session to set the sacred space in your home. Travel options are available for vacations, retreats, and workshops. Please email us directly for a personalized quote.


This includes Kelsey using her tuning forks to bring your energy back to your body. This can be related to chakras, illnesses, stress, and for deep relaxation.

60 minutes for $80


This includes balancing your chakras using a quartz pendulum then placing crystals specific to each chakra on your body while you listen to a binaural beat meditation paired with the application of healing essential oils.

60 minutes for $65