Branding is the best thing you can do for your business.

We believe a brand and website should show off your unique juicy essence. You have 8 seconds to win someones attention, so it must align with your light! We offer a wide range of branding services, whether you’re an emerging entrepreneur or an established entrepreneur wanting something more authentic to you. We use a holistic branding method to capture your light and create a personal brand to magnetize your dream clients.


Here’s why you need holistic branding:

1. You have 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention. If your branding is not intentional and created holistically you miss out on so much impact and income. 
2. Your brand should magnetize your dream clients. Holistic branding is the solution to make your presence magnetic as it incorporates all of the senses. 
3. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur your personal brand is most successful with holistic branding because your brand should support your growth, not limit it.

What people are saying about our work together?

Amy Fish Mock Up.png

"Kelsey built a beautiful website for me that turned out even better than I had imagined it to be. Kelsey listened to all of my wishes for the website and took her time to get it exactly as I had envisioned it. She was quick to respond to all of my requests and was very kind and patient. My logo is one that I love and I feel really represents my mission and brand. I highly recommend the services of this talented designer!"

Amy Fish, Free Yoga Sacramento

Meg Cerney MockUp-04.png

"Hiring Kelsey has been one of the best decisions I've made in getting my online business to where I want it to be. Kelsey helped me build out a teachable site for my courses and she went ABOVE AND BEYOND on the expectations. Her design skills, technical talents, and ability to understand her client and what they are truly desiring is INCREDIBLE. I cannot recommend hiring her enough - she will help elevate your business to the next level!! "

Meg Cerney, Life and Business Coach

So what’s included in the Brand Package?

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We will work out of a shared Google Drive folder to develop your brand and website. Inside you'll find the Holistic Brand Workbook to help share your ideas on your business vision, values, voice, and visuals. You will also have worksheets to help you with your website copy, a safe space to share confidential information, and review concepts, designs, and content.

Kelsey Eaton Brand-35.png


We will have so much fun together in the Pinterest Brand Party. This is where we will both contribute photos to a secret board that houses all of the inspiration for your personalized brand. I will share my tips with you on how to find photos that clearly communicate the vibes of your you-niqueness and brand.

Kelsey Eaton Brand-56.png


You will receive three font combinations and three color combinations to choose from for your brand. I will use my expertise knowledge in typography to pick a font that communicates your values. And I use a combination of Western Color Psychology, Eastern Color Psychology, and Chakra Energy to pick color combinations that aligns with your business and magnetizes your dream clients.

Kelsey Eaton Brand-55.png


The Moodboard will be a great source of inspiration for your brand, website, and is beneficial even after we complete our work together. We will select the top photos from the Pinterest Party, integrate your colors, font, and textures to create a single picture that embodies your brand's essence. Often people will share this with their Virtual Assistant to communicate the visual aspects of their brand.

Kelsey Eaton Brand-32.png


The primary logo is used on your website, business card, and all major marketing materials. Many clients have graphic design incorporated into their logo depending on their niche, services, and brand vibe. I absolutely love Graphic Design so we will create a customized logo that compliments your brand's vision and values.

Kelsey Eaton Brand-33.png


The alternative logo is used when you want to communicate your tagline like "Life and Business Coach, Yoga Teacher and Brand Designer". The submark is often used in the corner of images, documents, and marketing materials similar to a watermark. The Favicon is found in the top left hand corner of your browser tab.

Kelsey Eaton Brand-39.png


The style board will be given to you at then end of our work together. It includes a summary of the colors, fonts, graphics, and textures that are used in your brand and website. In addition, the Style Guide goes into detail about the fonts and color Hex code, CMYK and RGB which you or your Virtual Assistant will need for marketing materials.

Kelsey Eaton Brand-34.png


You will have a beautiful Squarespace or WordPress Divi website that is mobile optimized and contains basic SEO. The Brand + Web Design Package includes up to six web pages with two rounds of revisions. WordPress design includes the Divi theme for free (valued at $89 per year). Squarespace design includes an initial 20% off Squarespace hosting plus access to our paid plugins.

Kelsey Eaton Brand-36.png


We will connect all of your accounts to your website. This includes connecting your domain to hosting, creating a hosted email address using Gmail, integrating your email campaign software, booking calendar, and payment portal.

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We will have the Champagne Closing Call to celebrate all the amazing work we have done together. This includes a one hour recorded tutorial of how to maintain your website on your own. You will also receive a mock-up of your new website to use for promotional use.


Ready to have a brand that show off your unapologetic self?

Please note: I work with two clients at a time to ensure you have my undivided attention.
Make sure to reach out right away to reserve you spot. The total process will last four weeks from the selected start date.



E- Commerce Sites
Course Sites
One Page Website

Sales Page
Freebie/Trip Wire Design
Graphic Design Illustrations


Pricing varies for the items listed above. Please reach out for a custom quote.

Kealy McLain Mock Up.png

"I am so grateful for Kelsey's ability to tap into the greater vision! She uses all of her inner guidance to truly know her clients and therefore deliver them a brand and site that is upmost fitting! She is such a pleasure to work with and creates a professional yet intuitive design that encompasses not only the brand, but the voice and feeling you are trying to create. The end result is far better than I could have imagined and I love the personal touches and design elements that truly make it SHINE!"

Rachel Devloo, Life Coach

Joy Arnold Mock Up.png

“Kelsey did an incredible job in designing my website. Not only am I very pleased with the final product, but she made the whole process easy. She knew how to direct me in determining colors, fonts, organization, branding, and content. Her communication was very clear and positive, and she followed up with new steps or refinements very quickly. I would recommend her to my best friend or anyone needing a nicely developed website.”

Kathryn Lindholm-Leary


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