Are you ready to feel at peace with who you are and confidently create the life you’ve imagined?

As your life coach, it’s my priority to help you feel good in your mind, body, and soul.
To help you unconditionally accept the person you are today so you can confidently create a life built on the foundation of the person you are destined to become.

Kelsey Eaton, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Sacramento, CA

This intimate coaching container is intentionally crafted for the person who wants one-on-one support to help them feel whole and connected with their mind, body, and soul.

We will dive deep into your personal development journey so you can confidently live the life you were destined to have without any limitations or doubts of it being possible.

We will learn more about the energetic components of who you are by using assessments like Myers Brigg, Western/Vedic Astrology, and Human Design. Afterwards, we will take an honest assessment of your internal dialogue and beliefs so we can equip you with the right tools for you to harness the power of the present moment to create your dream life today.

With this understanding, we will reprogram your subconscious mind to instill new beliefs to support you along your journey and have unwavering confidence in the present moment. The magic of this container comes from the ongoing accountability and support to help you focus on your desires and refine the process to ensure real and lasting change without circling back.

Most importantly, I will help you feel at peace and confident with who you are and the kind of impact you want to make in the world as a Soulcially Driven being. My priority is for you to feel connected to who you are as an independent, courageous, and generous person. I believe every person has the answers inside, my job is to be your guide to help get you there.

This coaching package is perfect for you if you are someone who…

Is ready to take full responsibility of your life and are ready to take action.
Understands you are a limitless being and are the true expert of your life.
Is ready to use a holistic approach using your mind, body, and soul connection to create lasting change.

This coaching package will help you:

• Learn how to love and accept your past and how it’s positively shaped you
• Find inner-peace by fully being present in the here and now
• Replace bad habits and limiting beliefs with positive ones
• Assist in major life transformations (work, personal, relationships)
• Confidently embody and communicate your true desires
• Harness the power of the present to manifest your dream life
• Have a support system you can depend on to help you succeed

What’s included in the coaching package?

• 4 one hour coaching calls per month
• Follow up emails after sessions to clarify themes/breakthroughs and action items to integrate for the following week.
• Personalized meditations, tapping, yoga, and hypnosis recordings
• Unlimited voice messaging support Monday - Friday
• Access to Soulcially Driven for up to 3 months after our work together
Investment is $800 per month or $3800 for 6 months

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