Why journaling is the best thing you can do.

Journaling will change your life.

Journaling has not only changed my business, but also my life.

When’s the last time you’ve given journaling try?

I know there are a lot of soulcially driven women who have been journaling for years, but there are also some that are completely new to the idea and that’s 100% okay.

I used to journal in High School a lot, but once I went to college, my journal was only a place for the occasional quotes and poems about whoever I was dating. During study abroad in Ghana, I grew accustomed to blogging which was similar to a e-journal, but there were so many things that I wish I would have written down privately as a blog can only share so much.

Once I moved to Paraguay, I started to pick up journaling more. Let me tell you, I am so lucky I did because when ever I open my journal up I am instantly taken back to those hot summer days spent sweating under the mango trees wondering how on earth will I ever fit in.

Oh how naive I was to think it’d be that easy, lesson learned, don’t try to fit in. Just be you.

Once I moved to India, I started my daily gratitude journal. Every day I write down three things I am thankful for. Just this simple shift in my mindset has done wonders. At times, I repeat the items on my list, but you’ll be surprised of how rarely that happens. We have so much to be thankful for.

Now, I have about five journals that I use all at the same time. I have a business journal, a personal journal, a manifesting journal, a gratitude journal, a spiritual journal, and my old High School journal that only gets the super big juicy stuff!

That may seem like five journals too many, but I love staying organized! What I love about having these journals separate is that it helps me in going back to see the measured progress I have made with my mindset, my life, and my emotions. It’s amazing to read the transformation!

What of the most challenging parts people share is consistency.

To help myself stay consistent I set aside time each morning during my morning routine to journal for at least five minutes and write down what I’m grateful for. I find that prepping our mind, body, and spirit it the feeling state of gratitude is so great for us and makes for an ahhhhhhh-mazing day.

I also love to whip out the journal whenever I am working through something challenging. It helps me process my emotions before they accidentally spill out and do more harm than good. It is also a great way to get inspirational downloads to help guide you in your business and life.

What great journaling habits have you picked up? I would love to hear more.