Top three strategies to stay in your lane.

Top 3 ways to stay in your lane.

Sometimes we need struggles in order to understand how sweet it is to feel whole and in alignment with our inner being and deep desires.

For almost an entire quarter I felt like I was hanging on a thread just aimlessly trying to catch up. I’ve dealt with challenges in my business, failed launches, successful launches, collaborations,  free trainings, re-branding, and time spent on my coaching certification that I completely dropped the ball on promoting my services and have had my least profitable quarter to date. 

What didn’t help is that I spent way too much time caring about other people and how I wasn’t “measuring up” to what success was that I ended up in a deep hole of “Am I really cut out for this"?” . Safe to say I survived and I’m back in the game, but if it weren’t some tried and true strategies I don’t know if I would have made it.

  1. Stay connected to your WHY

I always teach my 1-1 clients (and now you) to write out their dream life as if there was nothing holding them back. Being 100% limitless in what they want to achieve and writing down all of the feelings associated with it. Don’t be shy, this is your time to shine. I personally like to write it all out in bullet points and then re-write it into a wonderful two page story. Whether you realize it or not, everyone loves a good story, so when your dreams are in the mix, you best be sure that it’s one that has you on the edge of your seat and ready to toss confetti!

Writing it down is only a small fraction of the transformation it’ll provide. Most of the magic comes from the consistency in reading this vision to yourself every single morning before you start your day. This is a time to stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye with a heart full of love and read it out loud. This simple five to ten minute exercise can help you stay focused and motivated on making your dream come true.

2. Slow your scroll

Whether you realize it or not. All the scrolling you’re doing on social media is actually harming your mindset and your business. You may think that it’s harmless to check in to see what others are up to, but chances are you’ll just see your “competitors” and feel like crap. What helped me "stay in my lane” was only using social media for my business purposes and connecting with friends. I stopped scrolling and even discovered this Chrome app that removes your feed.

3. Surround yourself with awesome people

It can be so easy to want to recluse in your room and not talk to the outside world because you’re facing so many challenges. But more than ever before you need people to connect with.
Go hangout with people who lift up your spirits, do activities that make you happy, and have phone conversations with your online biz besties about what’s going on. I believe having an honest conversation with people you trust can take you very far. It’s a great way to get your thoughts out and often can help spark new ideas about what you can do to stay motivated or face the challenge head on.