The perks of branding your name

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Woooo hoo can we celebrate that I have just completed my first ever re-brand?

Personal Branding is where it is at if you want to grow a business based around Y-O-U.

When I first launched my business, Shine Publishing Co., it was solely focused on my brand + web design services and didn’t even tap into my love of coaching and yoga. I felt like brand + web design was the stepping stone I needed to build my confidence and knowledge as a coach. But once it came to market these services, I felt so limited by my business name.

I had already built over a dozen personal brands at this point and saw how impactful it is for entrepreneurs. This is a way to build a business that grows with you and does not limit you.
So quickly I started making the transition to Kelsey Eaton.

It took over three months to completely re-brand my business. It’s not just updating your website, but also understanding your core values and how they support your long term growth.

Also, remember all those accounts you’ve created with your work email? Well you better update those too!

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