Skin Radiance with Pamela Bussi



Services include re-design of website with WordPress using Divi theme with a logo. 

The design behind this inspirational life coach...

Pamela and I connected through a website audit promotion that I was running in one of the many Facebook groups that I'm a part of. When we first connected her website was outdated and it was not clear on what her services were as she is balancing her business between skin care and social media marketing for baby boomers. Working together meant reorganizing her content in a way that would make it very clear on the impact she is making in the world.  It meant connecting all of her social media accounts, email campaigns and including several call to actions.  It was so much fun to help her website transform into a clean and modern design that ciompliments her amazing offers. 

The warm mushy feelings of...

Wisdom, Beauty and Crispness

Website Before: 

Website After: