Why your industry is NOT "over-saturated" or "too competitive".

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This week on the Kelsey Eaton vlog, I want to talk about what I have to say about the people who say their market/industry is “too competitive” or “over-saturated”.

While I’ve definitely been a victim to this belief in the past, it was one of the first beliefs that had to go in order to step fully into my leadership position in my business. Whether it is as a coach, yoga teacher, or business mentor, it is my responsibility to know without any doubt that there is room for me in my industry.

This is how I am able to help so many women worldwide. This is how you are able to help so many people worldwide. With this belief that there is always room for you at the table for your soul gifts.

Check out this video and let me know what you think in the comments or send me a message directly!