Manon Isabella


Services include re-branding her website, transferring themes,  Brand + Web Design Package, made on WordPress using Divi theme

The design behind this inspirational life coach...

When Manon and I started working together, her previous web designer had lost the majority of her content and did not have any clear branding. Creating the brand + web design for Manon Isabella was so much fun because she is a major Instagram influencer for Luxury Travel. Manon is such an incredible woman and has truly set herself apart from other luxury travel influencers as she connects with her followers and provided incredible content on all the hotels, restaurants and places she visits.  The website has a luxurious feel to it, with clean creamy colors paired with her gorgeous photos as the main attraction.  The icing on the cake includes a lavish logo that that truly embodied her love for luxury and the queen that she is.

The warm mushy feelings of...

 Luxury, Elegant  

Website Before: 

Website After: