5 ways to give back as an emerging entrepreneur.

5 ways to give back as an emergingentrepreneur.

Giving back has always been a part of who I am.

How many of you feel the same way?

Since a very young age, I have always been thinking about how I can help out others.
What can I do to give back even when I didn’t have enough? And how can I put a smile on someone’s face today.

These questions have always been a part of who I am. But when I started this entrepreneur journey, I had to learn creative ways that I could give back without straining my already “tight” budget and the limited “free” time I had available.

I put “tight” and “free” in quotations because really I was investing ever penny I made back into my business and every “free” moment I had was invested back into my business. I’m not at a place yet to think other wise. I love what I’m doing and I recognize that the extra “money” and “time” I put in now will help me out in the long run.

So, what’s a socially minded girl to do when you’re tight on money + time as you’re growing your dream business and life. Well look no further, sister, here are my top five ways to give back.

1. Pro-bono work
When I first started out my business I wasn’t opposed to doing pro-bono work and in fact I welcomed it. It allowed my to gain experience as a brand + web designer in exchange for testimonials and I always made sure it was with businesses like non-profits or international clients who do not have the budget for a multi thousand dollar website.

The key here is being very intentional of who you offer this too. Make sure you take the time to get to know them and your business. You want to gauge their commitment to the project because the most dangerous part of pro-bono work is working with someone who doesn’t value your time or boundaries. I always make sure these clients sign a contract that states clearly the expectations, the timeline, and the testimonial exchange.

This was one way I was able to give back to others and feel good about it.

2. Donating services for fundraisers

When you’re registered as a business, you have the option to donate items for fundraising purposes or auctions. I am able to donate coaching packages, brand and websites, and yoga classes to some of my favorite non-profit organizations which has been so incredible.

This is also a fantastic way to build your network and increase brand awareness. Depending on the organization you donate to, it can also be considered a tax right off.

3. Reduced prices for non-profits

I love non-profits and their commitment to making a difference in our world. As a previous Director of a non-profit, I know more than anyone else how big of a difference it is to have a clear, cohesive and consistent brand. It’s what helps build your following and turns your avid followers into donors. But often, non-profits do not have the budget to invest in branding, websites, consultation, coaching, etc.

This is a perfect opportunity to offer low cost services to help them. Similar to the pro-bono work, you’ll want to make sure your contract is rock solid and clearly communicates what will be included and the expectations.

4. Donate a portion of profits to social causes

This is my all time favorite way to give back and I always include it in my services and products. Donate a portion of your profits to your favorite social cause. It doesn’t have to be a big amount but something that you feel comfortable with. When you integrate this into a part of your business you can eventually work it into your prices. Many of my clients love this because they know a part of their investment is going towards a social cause.

5. Shift your mindset around exchange of services

Whenever you’re giving back and contributing to social causes it’s important to have done the mindset work around the exchange. The number one challenge entrepreneurs share about giving back is they often feel like they were taken advantage of or that it didn’t go as expected. This often comes up because either 1) The contract wasn’t clear enough and 2) They went into the agreement because they were in it for the money more so than wanting to give back.

Every time I go into pro-bono work or reduced work, I like to think about how this is going to help someone achieve their dreams and how I remove myself from any expectations my ego may bring up. This is a great time to really amp up your gratitude list and think about how this is going to be so helpful for their business and their future.

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