Adventure is Out There

So much has happened in the past month that I find it hard to decide on what I should start off with, hoping that I don't leave anything important out.  Let's start off with the International Initiative that Peace Corps Paraguay has joined in on, HeForShe, we have brought an amazing Prezi to over 100 communities in Paraguay, teaching on gender equality and how men can be an ally. In a dominantly Machista culture, this type of charla is such a huge step as it is allows a space to talk about the reality of gender roles in Paraguay, how it is limiting to both women and men, and we were able to give suggestions on how Paraguayan men can be allies to gender equality. In my Colegio the presentation was a great success-some of my toughest students were actively participating, acting out roles and giving compelling comments on the reality of gender roles in Paraguay.

This Charla left me with a Peace Corps glow, the feeling we get when projects are showing success,  people are engaged, wanting to learn more, and it seems like there couldn't be a care in the world. That feeling was just what I needed to pull me through the next few weeks until my Dad and his Rotary friend Jeff and his son Paul arrived for the shoe distribution and our adventure to the Iguazu Falls.

In these two weeks, I hosted a Volunteer party where I cooked non stop for over 8 hours with an on going feast consisting of a Thai Panang chicken curry, an Indian Lentil Masala, oven baked naan, fried chicken wings, endless cabbage salad with a sesame-soy dressing, bbq chicken, waffles, and real Coffee. I taught my junior class how to cut wine bottles into glass cups, my best friend Liz Paola, and my english student, Jenny, had their birthdays. And one Sunday, I made miniature houses out of leafs and sticks with Francisco's son and nieces.

 Once my Dad arrived in Paraguay, we were continuously moving non stop, from organizing shoes for Rotary's distribution and the one at my school, to endless amazing bbq buffet meals with different Rotary members,  shoe distributions, tree plantings,  a trip to Iguazu falls.

  The highlight of this experience comes down to two things, the boat ride that led us underneath the Iguazu falls, and then passing out shoes to people on the street.  We loaded the car up with shoes, drove around the town distributing to shoes to people walking down the streets who seemed to be people who could use them.

Since then I have gone back to teaching school, we had the volunteers tri-annual party and musical festival, Ahendu, which was such a blast. It was Francisco's first time, plus we went to the movies and bowling (also his first time), which made for a memorable weekend.

I'm sorry that I just haven't been updating my blog as frequently as I would have hoped... My service is going by so quickly.  Rather than continuing on with my blog, I think I will start to transition to a photo/video blog instead.  I have been finding myself   thinking about "un-plugging" my life,  I will keep you all updated. Thank You.