8 months left :)

It is way too early to be thinking that I am close to the finish line. Even though I have a grand total of seven months left in Paraguay, I cannot help but feel like I am approaching the final stretch of this life-changing journey.  Maybe it's because I am established as a Profesora in my colegio, that really it's just about following my syllabus, and my free time being about 100% me. The reality is that it is year two of my service, there was no luck in finding work in my community, and I have a handful of people who truly matter to me, and the rest, well I'm here if they're interested but I'm no longer making the effort to go out and force myself on to people who would rather not.  I've finally lost the guilt, and my god it is so uplifting and amazing. Don't get me wrong, I am constantly working for the colegio, preparing new materials, trying to teach in creative ways that actually have the kids thinking and liking school.

This past week I finished up our school project on making small green houses out of plastic bottles,  vegetable signs for our garden, and a quick day trip to Ciudad del Este to pick up tree seeds to start a Tree Nursery in the school and some sushi. It was a great week, what has been even better is that I am now starting to plan my travels plan for after service, reading up on Yoga Teacher training, and looking into the job market.  April 22 was Earth Day and I tried to celebrate in my school, but with  various distractions it didn't happen, so instead I took myself outside after class to a lovely afternoon of reading in my front yard with endless cups of Starbucks coffee. It was simply perfect.

Fagon built in the Colegio 

Morning Mate 

My favorite girls :) 

My neighbor and I

Teaching about Germination :)

Making mozzarella cheese 

My friend making BBQ. 

My sweet students :) 

My students 

My students with the Profesora Liz Paola. 

I love my loofah plant ;) 

Mustaches during colegio 

Serious Faces lol 

I thought this was the cutest little flower with its seeds. 

The cutest little bee's in Paraguay- Loui Loui is what we call them

So cute 

So beautiful :) 

My afternoon earth day :) 

It say's it all. 

Let's hope that no one does this in the bathroom. 

Green Tea ginger beer :) 

Terrible tasting sushi :) 

Campo 9 Volunteers ;) 

Our dinner, because we deserve it 

My big lil' peeps.