Just can't get enough

It's a Sunday morning, I'm sipping on American coffee, eating waffles the greatest buyers remorse I have had in Paraguay, listening to Jimmy Buffett the comforting music of my childhood, fantasizing of being home in less than a month, and baffled on how fast the year has gone by.  A year ago, I was at my site visit in Maracana, and I feel like my communication with the people is just as much now as it was a year ago, except before I actually had courage and perseverance to talk in Guarani. Now I stubborn about learning, and am trying to figure out any way to get this bitter taste out of mouth in regards to making an effort in speaking Guarani more.
As the school year comes to end, my work in my community has almost come to a complete halt, the students are finishing up their final projects, and with Profesora Liz Paola, we are trying to finish the eco benches in my school, to have some kind of "evidence" that we worked, even though we both busted our butts off teaching about gardening, the plethora of vegetables is not enough. Apart from this I have been advertising my summer camp that I designed for vacation from January through February.
I also just cannot seem to get a break from the chisme culture that exist in Paraguay. After an amazing weekend spent watching soccer with Francisco, socializing with his friends, and actually having great conversations with people in my community that before seemed to shy, I felt like things were picking up. But of course I get to school yesterday to find my old host mom talking to my Contact, I knew something must have had said about me, as it has now been almost three weeks since I have talked to her or visited her. Lo and behold, she was telling my contact that I not only got a ride with some random guy to my house in his car (a good friend of mine and Francisco that I have known for 6 months) and that we were borracha like really drunk (I spent the afternoon drinking terere and the amount of beer consumed was so little). Luckily, my contact defended me, saying that she knows that I know how to control myself while drinking, that there is no way I would have been borracha, and that my relationship with Francisco is my private life and that I have the right to have that life, and that I am not doing anything wrong. It was so relieving to know that I had the support of my contact in my life and my work here in Maracana. It can be very discouraging at times to work with my community, or try to throw myself out there, when in the back of my mind there are people talking bad about me and yet have probably never met me. Serving as a volunteer in the Peace Corps is teaching me so many important lessons about life, and relationships with people. In the past year I may have not applied my Environmental knowledge and passion with my community, but I have opened myself to them, leaving myself completely vulnerable, and I  try to give out all the love I can. Behind the shy people, the gossipy crew of woman, the judgmental stares, exist a culture that is beautiful, that has been beaten around so many times, and are really trying to just get by day to day.

Photos will be uploaded shortly <3 My computer has been so slow recently.