Buenos Aires, Te Amo

The Peace Corps motto the toughest job you'll ever love, stands true as I have been challenged in ways I didn't know were possible, and many of times I ask myself "What the hell am I trying to do here?". One of the most important things when this question becomes a daily reoccuring phase, that's your body and mind telling you to take a break. Well it came perfect timing that when my tank was just about filled up with exhuastion, it was time for my 8 day vacation to Buenos Aires and Mendoza with my step-Dad, Ron, and my step-Brother, Cam.

 Like a little kid on Christmas morning, I was so giddy to be on a plane again, knowing that I was headed off to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, filled with great food and drinks, spanish speaking people, and a low chance of seeing areas that resemble my semi-Campo community which I so desperately needed a break from.

I met Ron and Cam in the airport. They had just came in from Peru hiking Machu Picchu, and from what it seems had the trip of a life time, something I hope to do before I head up North again. We got a taxi and head straight to our hotel which is right in front of the world famous La Recoleta Cemetery, set down our bags, aprovehcar-ed a truly hot shower (first one in months) and headed out for some Argentinian asado and a bottles of Malbec wine. The city is beautiful, I was falling in love  with Buenos Aires every step of the way.

The next morning we toured the cemetery and then spent the rest of the day exploring the city by foot, wandering through markets and stores, getting an idea of how amazing Buenos Aires truly is.

We had an early morning flight out to Mendoza. Expecting a marvelous town filled with life and the culture of wine, we arrived to a quiet town where hardly a soul was to be found. Ended up becoming friends with the bartender at the hotel, who told us that (similar to Paraguay) all shops are closed on Sunday as families are spending their times eating asado and drinking wine. So our adventures in Mendoza didn't start until Monday.

Monday morning we headed off to do some wine tasting (which for anyone going to Mendoza you have to make reservations ahead of time), which was so much fun. In one of the wineries we had a private tour of the wine cellar and tasted a wide variety of delicious wine, and the other we showed up a little late to so we just did a tasting, which still ended up being fun.  That night we went off to the downtown part of Mendoza, and ended the night with Irish Car Bombs in an Irish Pub.

Rather than heading out to the wineries for another day, we decided to explore the country side towards Chile. We stumbled upon many of bridges, shrines that were covered in soda bottles filled with water, and a plethora of cactus stands.

That night we went to one of the best restaurants in Argentina. Every course of our meal was a tour of Argentina that was paired with a glass of wine, our meal ranged from trout ceviche, empanadas, filet mignon, and goat cheese crepes.