Ahecha, Guarani for the verb to see, here are some loved photos I have taken in the past few weeks. Some involving my students working with our biodiversity posters, a awesome caterpillar that if bitten by will hurt down to the bone, my host family,my first PCV visit from my friend Felipe, and my little trouble maker, Pedro.

Notice the chrysalis above the crawling caterpillar

Awesome fro!

Mi hermana Lelie.

Mi hermana Zani y su hijo Javier

Poster on Companion Planting

the first time Pedro ripped up my garden fence

Sleeping- the only time he's not getting into trouble :) 

Cake I made for Mothers Day

Mothers Day Gift, mi hermanito David


My Worm Box


Que Rico! 

Pauline made Tempura for Felipe and I. 

Pizza Dough

Home made Pizza and Game of Thrones

Cinnamon Rolls :) 

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls, Coffee from the States, this awesome towel I found, the symbol is the West African adinkra symbol


, I love that now in another country I still have connections back to my favorite country, Ghana. 

Diggin' tablones

Bacon Making

Bed made from styrofoam, mosquito net and cardboard box. 

The boys keeping a look out before the storm. 

So many seeds :) 

Helping will making  the tablones

The braid and hair do my host sister  made