Creo que Soy hermosa

You're Beautiful- man or woman you are a beautiful human being, who has been given the great opportunity to share your beauty inside and out with everyone you meet. The energy you give off should reflect a person who loves themselves for who they are, someone who respects their life experiences and uses that respect to form great bonds with the people they meet, leaving a contagious energy of self love.
A lot of thinking has been going on for me since I have started my job as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay. I have developed many list and journal entries that have a wide range of topics starting as simple as day to day task, career goals, travel plans, and all the way to creating a family. One of the things I keep coming back to is my insatiable desire to inspire women in the world to become leaders in their communities, and to learn how to love themselves inside and out.

A few weeks ago I found this video (at this point it has surfaced all over the internet) talking about how often women are thinking negatively about their appearances, making excuses to things that in reality do not exist. While watching this video, I challenged myself to think of what I would have said if I was sitting in the make up chair... I know while sitting there I would think I hope I don't have pimples that look gross, I would shy over the compliment I always get for the green in my eyes, and I would sit there in silence, questioning if she noticed the bump I have in the bridge of my nose. These are the things I would have said had I not gone on this journey of what is Peace Corps where I learned to develop my self love. Now I understand not everyone can afford to leave for 27 months, nor would I say it is necessary in order to learn how to love you self whole heartedly and share this love with the people you meet, all you need is patience to learn how to confidently love your strengths and weaknesses, forgiveness to the harsh words and judgement you put on yourself and confidence that you can be a being who 100% loves themselves and can face any challenge with a solution using this loving energy.

 I challenge all of you to look yourself in the mirror, and not use it to measure your imperfections, but to use it to look at your entire body, to see that every part of your body is evidence of a life being lived, evidence of obstacles that you have conquered, beauty that starts from the soles of your feet to the top of your head and deep into your heart. Look yourself in the eyes and compliment yourself for all the things you have done, and the things you will do. Try to remind yourself that you are what you believe in- and what you believe in should be that you are Beautiful.