Sad News

So I was really looking forward to having all these exciting things to share with everyone about my last week in Ghana. Unfortunately that won't be happening until I get back to the U.S and by that time most of you will probably have talked to me in some way or another. The reason this is the case it that I got water on my lap top literally the day I finished exams. I was able to take it in to get cleaned, they were able to fix everything besides the screen connector on the power board. It is much cheaper to get it fixed in the States, so I am holding out until then.

I will be leaving on Monday to go up North and travel throughout Ghana until Friday and then enjoy my last weekend in Accra. I can tell you that this experience has truly been the trip of my life. I have learned so much and can say I have developed into a much better person from my times here in Ghana. I see myself coming back in the near future, as I have developed friendships that I refuse to let the Atlantic Ocean keep me from seeing them.

Thank You again to everyone who has supported me in this trip! I love you all and hopefully I will be seeing most of you in a little over a week!