DRAFT of Two Weeks To Go

Long time, no talk! I know it's been awhile since I have updated everyone on my Ghana Adventures! First off, I'm currently over flowing with energy as I just finished my last exam.  I now have two weeks until my flight back to the States and I made a promise to myself to not turn a single opportunity that passes me by (as long as it's safe and smart).
Let's rewind back two weeks ago and update you on the main highlights I have had:

Taco Night! This one was official as I invited some of my best friends from class to come over for dinner and taste the deliciousness of taco tuesday! Earlier in the month my Dad sent me some corn tortillas, taco meat seasoning and taco sauce, so our Volta Kitchen was probably the most authentic place to find tacos in all of Ghana. To prepare for the night I made some homemade pico de gallo, seasoned up some ground beef, cut up some kebab meat, chopped up the toppings and fried up the tortillas to make shells. For almost all of my friends it was the first time they have ever heard of and tried a tortilla which was really cool! It was a huge success, for the most part everyone liked them, except my best friend John Myers who really only liked the meat.

I  will upload photos eventually