Exam Time!

The past few weeks have been flying by so much, it's hard to believe that I only have a few days over four weeks until I head back home to chilly California. In my past two final weeks of classes, we have done presentations on Climate Change, finishing up reports and we went on a field trip to a local educational zoo that is used for ex situ conservation of two species of monkeys. Ex-Situ conservation is a method of conservation in which the animal is conserved outside of it's natural habitat and in this case is a part of a captive breeding program.

My Aussie friend Corey presenting on Climate Change & Biodiversity.

My friend Cornelia presenting for our group, Climate Change & Policy.  She is one of my closest female friends here in Ghana. 

Denise our class representative and Corey,  on our way to the zoo!

My Best Friends Forever, Cornelia and John Myers! 

This field trip was so much fun, the facility had a camel which was donated by Gadhafi, warthogs which came from Mole, a hyena, tons of birds, bats, ostrich, emu, and of course the monkeys.  I loved looking at the animals but mainly spending time with my friends as I am already beginning to miss them so much.

Looks like I'm the one who didn't get the funny face memo. 

I haven't been doing much traveling recently mainly due to school but also because there are so many things I love about Accra. The country is beautiful, but it is my connections with the people that really are going to make it hard to leave, so I have been mainly wanting to stay around to spend time with them. The closest thing to traveling I have done in these past few weeks was going to Kokrobite beach which is about an hour away with my local friends.

Annie and I at kokrobite.

This past weekend I went to my friends Annie's orphanage that she volunteered at teaching dance to the children.  I'm not really sure what I was expecting but this was much different then what I expected. We walked down a red dirt road to a cluster of buildings with only a few kids around. Here at this orphanage, 9 children live there and the rest go to the orphanage for support, food and whatever else is needed.  Out of the few kids who were there, they were all beautiful, friendly and excited to have us all visiting. After Annie went through a few of the dances she has taught them, one of the kids started dancing the Azonto Dance, which is one of my goals to partially learn before I leave.  We then tried to learn the Azonto and play around with them.  It was so much fun!

Before leaving the orphanage we were talking to one of the girls about how badly we have all been wanting to carry a baby on our backs like the women do here in Ghana. To our surprise, she let us all have a turn carrying a baby on our back, the baby is tied to us by a beautiful piece of Traditional African Fabric, this is definitely something I may consider bringing back with me to the States once I have children. It felt so natural and I was so excited to be carrying such a cute beautiful baby boy and believe me it was so hard to let him go.

Since the orphanage I have mainly just sticking around campus trying to avoid the heat, even though that is next to impossible. This past Tuesday I came down with the common cold/flu and I am still fighting it. I have already had my Twi and drumming exam, which I believe went well and I am happy to have them finally be over. On Monday I will have my Animal Behavior final and then my next one will be the coming Friday on Environmental Physiology.

Thanks to all of those who are still following this! Love you!