Lately it seems like time is just flying on by...

 The past two weeks have been spent enjoying the city of Accra and trying not to let all of the assignments keep me inside.  Two weekends ago, my friends and I went to this fantastic craft village that has probably the best wood carvings and jewelry that I have seen so far. In order to get there we have to take a trotro to Accra. In my efforts to fight to get a spot on the trotro I hopped across two people and landed a nice comfy spot in the front. It wasn't until a few minutes later that I realized I scraped my leg really badly. Fortunately I have my tetanus shot so as of now it looks like I will just have a nice scar to bring home with me.

Now that I am adjusting to the area and am honestly feeling a bit at home, Julia and I have really adapted to creating a nice routine. Along with out monday trip to max mart (grocery store), Tuesday trip to the veggie market and breakfast at Akuafo Hall on Mondays and Saturdays, we also get our toe nails painted about every two weeks. This cute little shop is in the bush canteen which is a small market on campus that has places to eat, buy electronics, get your hair braided and your nails done. We found this nice pretty in pink shop where I get a french tips painted on my toes for a total of three cedi ( two USD). Now although our pedicure doesn't come with the foot massage and exfoliant, the filing and painting of the toes is still definitely worth it!  Here are some pictures of us in the salon!

This past Sunday our EAP group took us to the beach and then we went to a football game. I was really excited that I finally went a football game ( soccer game) in Ghana, where two local teams played against each other. Even for being a local team, the energy was still very high and everyone was very serious about the game and making sure they cheered their team on. I know this is quite embarrassing but I can't remember the exact names of the teams or I would have let you know.

Between all of these exciting things I have been doing homework a lot, preparing some class presentations, hanging out with my friends, and now getting ready for this weekends trip to the village on stilts.

One more thing, on Monday evening it started raining so badly and so hard. Julia and I just couldn't resist it and decided to run out in the rain just to get an idea of how much was pouring down. It was so much rain that my hair was not only completely wet but was sobbing down with so much water falling from the sky. Later on that night we were surrounded my thunder and lightening, throughout the entire night. I tried to capture some of the thunder, unfortunately I did not get the full effect of just how loud it was, but in this video you will see how surprised and scared I was.  Enjoy!