Well first off it has been awhile since I have posted which has been due to getting wrapped up in my life here in Ghana, which is a good thing. I truly feel like along with my home in Sacramento and Santa Barbara, I now have a home here in Accra. I have met such amazing people that have I already hold so close to my heart, that coming back here after my study abroad is a must do thing.

Anyways before I ramble more about my life here, I want to share one of the most beautiful beaches I have been to in Ghana and almost in the world (The beaches in Costa Rica with my Dad will always be the best) .  Last weekend Julia, Chelsea and I packed our bags and headed out towards Takoradi again, to connect to this well known surf town, Busua Beach. This area is well known for having the best surf in Ghana and has been one of the spots shown in the famous surfing movie, The Endless Summer. We left friday afternoon on a Stanbeck tro tro (upscale tro tro) to Takoradi which took about four hours, from there we took an hour in half tro tro/ taxi drive to Busua  beach to end up at this beautiful beach side resort, called the Alaska Beach Resort. Our initial plan was to stay in the tree house but the resort did not have any available mattresses so we opted with this very cool hut like room with a huge bed that the three of snuggled up in.  By the time we figured out our rooming situation, we were very tired and had enough energy to go for a late dip in the warm atlantic ocean under the blazing full moon and then off to bed to listen to roaring ocean waves that were at most 40 ft away from our room.

As the early bird I have always been and Julia as well, the two of us woke up early to get a good look at this real life paradise. To both of our surprise their were three monkeys out in our hotel's yard roaming around and eating hard boiled eggs. I couldn't believe it, here I am in Busua beach and Julia and I are arm's length away from three gorgeous and somewhat eery monkeys.  As we stood there and watched them play around, one jumped on to Julia causing us to both scream, which probably woke up several of the guest at the resort. It turned out that the monkeys are the owners pet and happen to be a big hit for tourist despite their mean and curious behavior which I think comes from the great amount of intelligence these animals have.

After playing with the monkeys, chowing down on the best banana chocolate pancakes I have ever had, we walked into town to find the surf shop where Julia could rent a board for the day. On our way to the shop a kid came running up to us and to escape being used as a jungle gym by this little boy, I kindly grabbed his hands and directed him away from me. Afterwards I looked down at my hands which felt covered in dirt, only to realize that the boy had poop on his hands which then got spread on to mine. We quickly ran to the ocean where I vigorously rinsed my hands and used way too much hand sanitizer. Afterwards we walked into the surf shop and in the process of shaking my hands dry, I lost one of my favorite rings that read "I promise to Stay Positive" and after thoroughly searching the surf shop for my ring I finally gave up and kept to its saying and let myself move on to the situation.

Julia then got her board and we headed back to our room to get ready for a whole day spent in the sun. Well it then started to rain and what we thought would be a day of tanning turned out to be better with swimming in the ocean with rain pouring down and rolling around in the muddy warm sand as warm water surrounded our bodies from the ocean and refreshing rain flooded from the skies. Later on in the day I went out on the board so now I can officially say I surfed in Ghana and got up, which is great!

That night we hung out with a gaggle of local boys who were quite enthralled with us taking photos of them, afterwards we went to a party on the beach at the local surf shop, which I forgot to mention is called the Black Star Surfshop. The day was so much fun and also tiring that we retired somewhat early so that we could wake up early enough. Well we did just that, woke up at six a.m to be back in Accra before one p.m which I believe is record time.  The weekend was so much fun and thrilling.

As for this weekend I have spent it in Accra going to various markets, finishing up assignments and going to the pool to help my friend Myers learn how to swim, which is super exciting. This week will be filled with fun presentations on crawling insects on mango trees, cockroaches O2 consumption in relation to temperature change, Ecotourism planning to save a frog species, and a Twi test! Wish me luck!