Taco Tuesday

This Tuesday Julia and I decided to finally whip open our box of taco shells (they were on sale for 4 cedi  compared to normally 12 cedi) to cure that deep Mexican Food craving that just never seems to go away since we arrived in Ghana. After our weekly trip to the market to get all the ingredients for delicious tacos, we began the preparation for what seemed like the feast of a life time.  We grilled up some onions, zucchini and bell pepper for the filling and had fresh crisp lettuce, ripe red tomatoes and heaping amount of avocado to put on top. With so much anticipation of finally eating tacos, I made sure to put the exact amount of each ingredient to make a taco that would hopefully last me until I come back home to the states.  We then took out our cold Club beer to swig down with our tacos and our first bite was silent rip of what ended up being a very very stale taco shell.

All in all it was not what we were hoping for but we definitely ate all of our tacos and it was still delicious!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post of explanations of the not so obvious things I mention in my blog. Love you all! :)