Makola Market and Osu!

On Friday afternoon after class, Julia and I headed out on a TroTro to Makola Market, known for having pretty much everything you could ever want for unbeatable prices. The whole mission of this trip was to get some fabric for clothing, so that we wouldn't be stuck with the recycled patterns that the seamstresses on campus have.  This trip was so much fun because I love the adrenaline rush of being at the market. You will be walking down the street with people yelping out their products telling you to buy it, pretty frequently you will hear someone in the distance yell "Obruni! Obruni!" but after two months of being here I have learned to rarely turn around. People will come up just to say hello and talk. The style of the market is something everyone should experience, next time I will take a video but for now here are some of my favorite fabric stands and some of the food stands that looks soooo tasty! ;)

This stand I just found that day and the women was so friendly and helpful! 

One of the hundred fabric stands in Makola Market. 

Notice the huge basket on the woman's head?  Pure Talent! 


On the far left: Dried finger size fish Directly in front: Peppers In the back right: Dried Shrimp

Rolled Up Dried fish! We could turn them into bracelets, eh?

Snails, Again! The woman told us that sometimes the snails will escape and she will have to go catch them, I couldn't imagine how hard that must be, these snails are just so fast!!!! 


These are waist beads, it's a sign of beauty for women to wear waist beads at all times! 

Traditional African beads. 

This is my favorite stand. I have purchased fabric before and the girls always give me a good deal! 

What some of the fabric looks like here. 

After our trip to Makola Market, it took us about three hours to get back to campus and although I was really tired  I still went out with my friends to a local bar called Jerries which was a lot of fun. The next morning Julia, Chelsea, Jessica and I decided to do a trip to Osu. Osu is the"hip" part of town where you can find a variety of different ethnic restaurants, trendy shops and some of the best clubs and lounges in Accra. This was our first time going during the day so it was cool to see how different the town is when it's not filled with beautiful people, dolled up and enjoying a night on the town.

For lunch we went to Citizen Kofi which is one of the few places with mexican style food. I had nachos and boy were they delicious! 

I thought this palm tree was so cool with the colors of  Ghana's flag on it! 

We found a shop that has Gelato! It was so good, it's probably the first time I have had something that is closest to ice cream since I was in California. 

My little, Cookie flavor Gelato! Despite it's size, it made me so full.

Well that's pretty much all the main excitement I had this weekend besides writing a lab report!  This just goes to show you that although I am having the trip of my life here in Ghana, it doesn't mean that every weekend is a wild adventure!   I am livin' the life here in Ghana.  And by livin' it means every once in awhile a chill relaxed weekend is truly doing it how the locals do!