A Much Overdue Post

First Off I know everyone has been eager to read what's going on for me in Ghana and it's been nearly two weeks since my last post which is very out of character for me.  Let's take it back a week ago today where I was frantically packing to make it to my first ever festival in Ghana. We specifically attended the Cape Coast festival which celebrates the ending of the year and going into the new year. The celebration and rituals last six weeks long and we attended the last week which had the main rituals. The first ritual we saw was Thursday night which was men and women dancing to drums and some of the participants would become possessed by spirits. Friday was the main ritual we wanted to see which was the procession of the royal people and the bull sacrifice. Saturday we watched a parade of all the kings being carried through the main part of town. In between all of these events the town was alive all hours of the day. People were eating, dancing and drinking non stop. It was at times overwhelming but I still remained excited to witness a festival here in Ghana.
As for the reason I haven't posted up on here in awhile is basically I have been swamped with assignments. I had one paper due yesterday for my environmental physiology class on multiple hypotheses and strong inference. A paper for orientation which I wrote on Environmentalism in Ghana. And several other small assignments here and there.  Everything is going great here and I am making a lot of local friends (mainly guys but I'm trying really hard to get the girls to open up).  I miss and love you all so much!