It's been one month in Ghana!

Highlight of my week so far! Learning to cook Garden Egg Stew!

My second week of classes went really well, so far I only have one assignment that is due in two weeks and all my other classes have consisted taking several pages of notes.

Once it hit Friday I was excited to have some free time to go out and see new places.Friday night, some friends of ours ( Julia, Chelsea and Mariah and I ), took us out to dinner at this beautiful restaurant/ bar club called Bella Roma.Our meal easily put me n a food coma as it was authentic Italian food, which is something that you don’t come by often here as it is really expensive.After dinner we went over to the dancing section and danced to popular club music in the States.It was a late night out which meant for a late morning up.

The next day we made plans to go to the beach but due to cloudy weather we pushed it to Sunday hoping that the Sun would come out and greet us with a fun filled beach day.It’s now Sunday and along with waking up to the daily gospel singing, the rain was as loud as ever, screaming with each drop that it would be another day stuck indoors.

In lewd of our plans being postponed again, we just had another lazy day spent doing homework and other things around the hall.

Once the week started, class has kept me very busy. Yesterday I tried to venture into Accra to receive a package my Dad sent me, which I have been so excited to get.My friend, Bright and I took a taxi out to the junction Circle (which was about 45 minutes away) and we were sent to three different post offices before we finally ran out of time and had to leave in order to make it back to class. So although the motive of that trip didn’t succeed, it was still nice seeing a part of town that I have never been to before.

Later on that night our program director, Auntie Rose, had ten of us over for cooking lessons. We learned how to make Garden Egg Stew, Vegetable and Chicken Teriyaki ( I know it’s not local but it was so good), and plantains and yams. It was so much fun and quite easy, so I hope some of you are adventurous to let me cook you some Ghanaian dishes once I come back to the States.

Seasonings for Garden Egg Stew. Use a small can of tomato paste with red pepper, garlic powder, black pepper, curry powder, paprika and salt! Season it to your own preference! You then add mashed up garden eggs ( 6), tomato, onion and hot peppers. Cook it together and then let four eggs cook on top, once cooked all the way, mix it up. Serve over rice, yam, or pasta. 

This is what the garden egg stew looks like with the egg cooked on top. 

Plantains! Yum!