The Volta Region

This  past weekend my EAP group and I went on a trip to the Volta region, which is about three hours away (six hours in traffic). It was a beautiful drive that I mainly spent asleep. Once we got to the Volta region we headed straight to Wli waterfalls which is a must go to spot in Ghana.

As soon as we got to the waterfall, we all went straight to the water, which wasn’t as cold as I was expecting.

Not many Ghanaians swim so it was mainly all of the international people who went up next to the falls. 

I'm guesing its a millipede! 

The beautiful forest! 

Wli Waterfall! 

Julia and I at the Wli Waterfall! 

After the falls we were suppose to go to a Monkey Sanctuary near by but with how long it took to get there we ran out of time.

This is when a portion of the group was deciding to just stay the night close by and go either back to the falls for a nice hike and some others would go to the Monkey Sanctuary. At this point I was skeptical about staying, I didn’t really have much money or general traveling stuff for an over nighter.

While we were driving to the town HoHoe where the group would be dropped off, I was constantly changing my mind on whether or not I wanted to go. ( I had a lot of stuff I had to do the next day to prepare for school and the week, like laundry which takes a couple hours since it’s all done by hand). The bus made their stop and pathetically I walked off the bus, back on, and then back off the bus, before I decided why not?

We were all clumped together on the side of the road and as we watched the bus drive far off into the distance, I got panicky, what am I’m doing, we have no clue where we’re going, I have so much homework, all these things rushed in my mind of why I should have stayed on the bus, Fortunately with the help of my friend Heidi, I pushed those worries in the back of my mind and enjoyed this spontaneous adventure that I just embarked.

This is a picture of part of our group in the back of the truck driving around HoHoe!

One of our guides on the bus was getting off in HoHoe so he offered to drive us around in the back of his friends truck to find a hostel.

After driving around for what seemed like two hours, from hostel to hostel we finally settled down at the Matvin hotel. Here we had to cram twelve girls into two beds, costing us only 5 cedi each ( $3.30 US).

The girls in our HUGE bed!

Once we settled in, we went out to a local bar to celebrate our friend, Alyssa’s 21



And to rightfully celebrate our girls birthday, we were sent to the Obama Pub, which I thought was pretty funny! Halfway through the night they turn off all the lights besides one to conserve energy, which was at first really startling since we had no idea that this was common in the town.

After a night out, we all woke up at six a.m to sort out who is going where and all the details.

At 6:15 I was ready to go, but the rest of the group wasn’t even close. I thank my Mom and Dad for all the traveling we’ve done when I was younger and in the morning it’s get up and get going!

At about 6:45 people were ready to go out on our trips, we took a taxi to the main town trying to figure out how we’d all get to where we want to go.

Hardly anyone could make up their mind on what we should do, and there weren’t many taxi’s going in the direction we needed to go because it was a Sunday.

So we all just ended up taking our own little TroTro back to Accra, which was quite lovely and only took three hours! .So mainly this adventure didn’t turn out as we planned it to be but it was nice staying the night in the Volta Region.

On the bright side we saw two baboons on the side of the road strolling by on our way back to Accra. So in some way or another I saw a monkey!