First Week of Classes!

I just finished my first week of class at the University of Ghana. My schedule has changed a little bit since I last shared what I was taking. I am now officially enrolled in

Environmental Physiology, Animal Behavior, Population Ecology, Conservation Biology

Evolution, African Drumming and Twi ( the local language in Accra).

After having all my classes besides drumming and Twi, I can tell that it is going to be a challenging semester.

Most of my science courses are a continuation from previous classes so I was initially worried about how I would do.

After an overview of the courses, they all seem to have information that I am really interested in learning about which should make them, at the least, worth it.

At this point I am mainly looking forward to my conservation biology course, which will focus on different types of conservation and the environmental practices in Ghana, West Africa and Africa as a whole.

Here is one of my first home cooked meals with Julia in our little Volta Hall Kitchen!