Getting ready for School!

           I am getting really excited for school to start this Monday! Last Wednesday I began registration as a student for the University of Ghana. After filling out some paper work and getting my student ID, it was time to figure out all my classes which was an exhausting experience…

            Back at UCSB adding a course is quite simple. You are given a Pass Time several months before the quarter actually starts and you Add/ Drop classes online in a simple click. The only frustrating part about this process is if you have a late pass time and the courses that you were planning on taking were filled up and you would have to crash the class. Now before my experience here at UG, I thought that UCSB’s process was overwhelming but not anymore after this old school of an experience.

            Adding classes Ghana’s way: Before you set out to add classes you look through the catalog to get an idea of what will be offered this semester and what department it was in. Once you figure this all out, you walk across campus to each department, fill out a sheet which has a passport photo and the class in the department that you want to take. After that, you have to come back later and check the time table to see what time and where your classes are, and if they do not clash. ( I still do not know any of the times of my classes though). So on top of walking to each department, you have to upload your course information at the UG website so they have it on file online. And lastly go online to myeap and submit the courses online for back home and an actual sheet to drop off at the International Programs Office.  So it is now Thursday night and I have all the classes I need which brings me to 18 Ghana units which equates to 24 UC credits.

I plan to fulfill my outside concentration of my Environmental Studies major here in Zoology, which should be really fun. What I’m most looking forward about taking Zoology courses here is that I get the African prospective of the environment/animals compared to back home.  Until I get a feel for the classes I will leave you with just the title of my courses here at the University of Ghana.
Environmental Physiology
Animal Behavior
Animal Ecology
Population Ecology
Conservation Biology
and Traditional African Dance!
Once school gets going I plan to volunteer at an environmental centered place and travel so this semester looks like its going to be really busy!