This past week I went to Kumasi with my orientation group for a three-day trip. Kumasi is about a five-hour drive from Accra (which is where I’m living) and is known for the Ashante king who lives in Kumasi and leads all of the rituals and festivals for a large part of the Ashanti region.What this area is also mainly known for is kente fabric which is a special hand woven cloth that kings have worn throughout Ghanas history. Each pattern has a different representation and there are over seventy different patterns.

Part of our trip consisted of visiting a kente fabric factory.Factory is probably not the most appropriate word since it mainly was just a small building with about ten men making the fabric. I got one strip and it was my first time bargaining, which was thrilling! Here are some pictures of my time spent at the shop and some of the other craft villages that we visited that day. 

Kente cloth in the "factory"

The one on the bottom is mine. It fit's perfectly with my eyes. 

This is my friend Annie and me smashing tree bark which eventually is used as ink to print on cloth. 

Here are some adorable boys I met in one of the Craft Villages. 

Another Craft Village shop. Here they sold a lot of the items people associate with Africa. 

The rest of our trip was spent visiting the Ashanti king’s palace, the largest man made lake in the world ( where I had a fresh coconut that a boy climbed up the tree to get!) and another craft village where I purchased my first official piece of art.

I was really excited because I hope to keep this painting for the rest of my life and it does a great job at representing what I love about Ghana…. The colors, the people, the music, the life style! 

Working my kente piece where the Ashanti king lives.  

My friends and I at the lake! 

A man carving a drum with his machete!  

My prize possession!