Postal Address for UC-EAP ( letters)

Kelsey M. Eaton
P.O Box LG 356
University of Ghana

For Courier Services (Package Delivery to the Centre) ( PACKAGES)

Kelsey M. Eaton
P.O. BOX LG 356
University of Ghana
Legon Campus
International Programmes Building
First Floor, Right Wing
TEL: 0302-500147

So what I’ve been told is that depending on how big the package is, that it may be left at the post office. And there they open it up and depending on what it is I have to bargain for a certain pick up price. Also if there is anything valuable ( electronics or pairs of shoes) it may be stolen. This is just a heads up to anyone who wanted to send me some love!

Amazingly lays chips here are 9 cedi which is xlike seven American dollars. How fliipin crazy. Chips/ a lot of American food is a hot expensive commodity here.

I'm also leaving on a trip and I wont have internet until Saturday morning CA time, so talk to you all then!