Ghana, Ghana, Ghana!

Thursday July 28:
I consider this to be my first real day, I woke up to toads as big as your fist croaking outside, and birds I’ve never seen before flying by. The morning started early at seven a.m where we walked to breakfast at a local Ghanaian restaurant/catering called “Tasty Treats”. After that we were introduced to the UC EAP Study Center staff and were taught the general rules, culture and customs of Ghana. We then did a campus tour, the campus is huge and seems like it will take forever to get across. Here the gutters are more like a foot drop along the side of the roads so I was constantly trying to make sure I don’t fall into one. We then finished our day with an intro to African music and a whole evening/night learning African dances that are played to a variety of drums.

            At this point I am feeling really good about things and am happy to be out walking around the campus.  The food has been good and I haven’t really missed any of the comforts of home.


Friday was probably the first time when it truly hit me that we are in a totally different country compared to back home. After a lecture in TWI, we had our bus tour of Accra and learned about the different culture backgrounds there and how just by someone’s first name you can tell where they descend from and what born they are (first born, second born, third born). Several of the houses (shacks may be more appropriate) were made with decaying wood and roofs that were sheet metal, held down with rocks and other heavy items. The roads were really bumpy and the streets are filled with people walking up to your car trying to sell you practically anything.

            After our tour through Accra we went to the Du Bois center and toured W.E.B Du Bois home in Accra. Du Bois was a main contributor to African American rights and encouraging a united to Africa to gain independence.  After that we had another dance class and I took a drumming lesson, which was awesome!