Akwaaba (Welcome in Twi)

I finally have a chance to get stuff up here on my blog.  First off for those of you who were wondering, I am safe, my stomachs full, I’m happy and for the most part I have almost all my sanity.  I’m going to just update you on stuff broken down to days.

Tuesday July 26: Take Off Day
            This day was filled with way to many contradicting emotions. I was excited to embark on a life changing part of my life but at the same time I was really nervous ( and I am so not embarrassed to admit that).  My journey began at the San Francisco International Airport, where my Mom, Dad, Ron (my stepdad) and Alec (my boyfriend) all met up to help me at the airport and to just be with me until it was time to enter security.  After a long anticipated wait to say our goodbyes, I was out of their hands and on my way to Washington Dulles International airport. 
            One down side to my overall nice flight to Washington Dulles was that my flight was delayed by an hour in half so by the time I landed I had just enough time to get my Visa checked and make my connection to Accra.

Wednesday July 27:
            I landed in Accra at 1:30 p.m ( 6:30 a.m Californian time) by the time we were ready to get off the plane it was filling with so many unfamiliar and quite awful smells. To board off the plane you walk down stairs similar to how someone famous would, however I definitely did not feel like someone famous. It was slightly overcast and smelt like someone decided to burn wood and charcoal in every building around, I wasn’t sure if I ever would be able to get used to it. Going through customs was simple, the people here are wonderful and are so friendly.  I was initially afraid of how they would act towards a white American female but for the most part I haven’t had any negative experiences.  Finally our entire UC group was united and we were taken back to UG (University of Ghana) where we received our orientation bags and a delish snack of mango, plantain chips and groundnuts ( peanuts). It was truly amazing and much needed after traveling.  We played some get to know each other games, had dinner and then went to bed.  The jetlag is really taking its toll on me.

My time here has been going great I want to write more later but as for now I am exhausted and am leaving you with this.

Also the internet here is as slow as a sloth and it cost one cedi to use it for an hour, so I am very sorry to those who I have not had a chance to email back yet. Please bare with me.


P.S the internet is too slow right now to upload pictures, I will later.