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Do you want to live unapologetically?

I did, too. If you’re a multi-passionate woman navigating through life feeling like you’re not showing up as your full self and being true to you then welcome to this sacred space that has been created to help you show up as 100% you and shine brightly, boldly, and brilliantly! 

I believe every single person has a unique light to offer, something that must be shared unapologetically with the world. And when you’re tapped into this light, happiness oozes inside you, impact comes naturally, and financial freedom is a reality. Your time is now.

My mission is to help you connect to your mind, body, and spirit to remove whatever grows between you and your light so you can live a life turned on from the inside out.

Based out of California, I spend my days coaching clients, teaching yoga, leading workshops and retreats, creating art, and spending time in nature. I love all things travel and food, without doubt you can find me planning my next get-away and at the best local restaurants.

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Take a deep breath in and imagine your life one year from now…

Kelsey Eaton- Life Coach, Business Mentor, and Yoga Teacher, Sacramento, Ca.

Where do you want to be, what do you want to do, and most importantly how do you want to feel? Do you have the steps clearly marked out to help get you there or do you want a guide to lead you to this magical place inside of you?

Did you know you’re a limitless being with the freedom to choose how your life unfolds? And when you choose me as your guide, you have a woman who’s committed to your growth and motivates you to embody your truth so you can rise up as your unapologetic self. Life gets to work out for you. I’m here for you, your time is now. It is your divine right.

It’s time to stop dimming your light. We need you now more than ever to show up unapologetically and shine brightly.

 I believe every step has a purpose

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been a “dabbler”, I could never stick to just one thing. I found beauty in every thing I could get my hands on. For a greater portion of my life, I thought this was my weakness, but I would now argue it’s my greatest asset. I can fit into any situation I’m presented with and have built a personal brand that encompasses all my passions and impacts women worldwide.

I can see how every step in my life has prepared me to help women nourish their mind, body, and spirit connection to create the freedom, happiness, and impact they desire in their life. I envision a world where women can lead a life they’re madly in love with, happily doing what they love and make the impact and income they want in their life and in their businesses.

Some fun facts:

  • I’m an ENFJ Myers Brigg (sometimes on the cusp of I)

  • I love Astrology- I’m an Aquarius, Leo, Leo

  • I’m a Reflector in Human Design

  • Traveled to 13+ countries and lived abroad for over five years

  • I’m an only child so I love having friends turn into family

  • I love to dance salsa and bachata, create children’s books, and spend ample amounts of time in nature.

Kelsey Eaton- Life Coach, Business Mentor, and Yoga Teacher, Sacramento, Ca.

Soulcially Driven Movement

soul •cial•ly driv•en
1. Fueled by something higher than yourself.
2. Committed to being of service to the world.
3. Driven by experiences and conversations that respect and honor our inner connectedness to all beings.

Kelsey is the creator of the Soulcially Driven movement for people who are spiritually minded and socially driven. She is a certified yoga teacher, energy worker, life long student of spiritual practices, loves giving back to her community, and caring for Mother Earth. She offers services like yoga, meditations, energy work, workshops, retreats, and products that align with the Soulcially Driven lifestyle to guide others to nourish their mind, body, and spirit connection and care for the earth.

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Kelsey Eaton- Life Coach, Business Mentor, and Yoga Teacher, Sacramento, Ca.
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Kelsey Eaton is a certified life coach, yoga teacher, NLP practitioner, energy worker, and founder of Soulcially Driven. She helps women create lives that bring them the freedom, happiness, and impact they desire.

In addition to her one-on-one services, she leads workshops and retreats worldwide to guide people to a life committed to being spiritually minded and socially driven and to help them nourish their mind, body, and spirit.

Prior to launching her business, Kelsey designed brands and websites for female entrepreneurs, worked in the non-profit sector for over a decade with female empowerment and environmental projects, and studied Environmental Science at UC Santa Barbara.